Sunday, August 3, 2008


earlDog1, originally uploaded by recompas.

Last evening, we visited the EARL (East Atlanta Restaurant and Lounge) for some EARL Dogs. The EARL is located in the heart of the East Atlanta Village and is a rad place to see live music, and get some great food. They also do a pretty decent brunch on Sundays.

I (Travis) got an EARL Dog with the "works" - red and green peppers, dill relish, tomato, onion, chedder, and jalapenos and also opted to add sauerkraut and chili.

EARL Dogs are decently sized grilled hot dogs and there are many options to choose for toppings (any combination of the "works"). Chris chose an EARL Dog with cheddar and onions.

While I really dug my order, I think adding the sauerkraut was a little bit overkill in the tangy flavor department. Along with the dill relish, which is quite strong, it was too much tart flavoring. This was totally due to user error. The chili was really good, and I really wish there was more of it. I think next time, following Chris's lead and going for a more simple, classic dog is best.

While what kept this hotdog from being perfect was mostly due to my own errors, I still think there is room for improvement. I give my dog a 3/5.

Sorry about the iPhone pics. Next time we'll bring a nicer camera!

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