Sunday, July 27, 2008

Skip's in Avondale

Skip's in Avondale, originally uploaded by recompas.

Doggin And Bloggin, Part I - Skip's Hot dogs, Avondale, GA

What better way to power through a Saturday morning hangover than with authentic Chicago dogs from Skip's. Nestled in the sweet bosom of scenic Avondale, Skip's has been around since 1979, seriving some damn authentic hot dogs.

Pickles, pepper and celery salt....the only thing missing is the poppy seed bun. The interior is reminiscent of the old school fast food establishments. No flashy screens, talking characters, strange sauces, just good old fashioned hotdogs and hand-made milkshakes.

Travis rated his Skip's dog a 4/5.

Next up: The EARL Dog!

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David said...

Reading this from Japan hurts.