Monday, October 20, 2008

The Hot Dog King - Austin, TX

I was in Austin this past weekend for the Maker Faire and had the incredible privilege to score some dog's from the Hot Dog King (actually, it was the queen and one of his princes that served us).

It was my buddy Nick (pictured), who had the stroke of genius to suggest we grab some food from The King. Unfortunately they were out of some of their more famous combos, due to someone forgetting to get the dogs, but what we had was absolutely fantastic. The Hot Dog King is a family run business, made up of several carts in downtown Austin. We had a chance to talk to the two Hot Dog Princes and they are totally into hot dogs. Very knowledgeable about their product. The King offers many varieties including veggie dogs, which have a reputation for being fantastic.

I chose the incredible 8" Bulldog that includes chili and cheese. I also threw some kraut and pickles in the mix. First off, the roll was incredible. Really, it was a proper Northeastern Hoagie roll....normally this would be too much bread for a dog, but the hot dog itself was huge! It had a very fresh, butcher shop kinda vibe to it, and actually almost felt healthy (okay, so not at all, due to the awesome chili and cheese). Really, I have nothing bad to say about the Bulldog.

Nick went for the Elgin jalapeƱo cheddar dog. (that's jalapeƱos and cheddar inside and out!). A smaller, but certainly no less awesome dog. The roll was a mini version of the Bulldog, and the stuffed elgin sausage was insanely tasty. I could have dealt with the addition of some onions, but it wasn't my order.

Needless to say, I love the Hot Dog King. Since most of my ratings on this site are really based on a scale from 0 - Yacco's (also hot dog royalty - there will be a post next time I make it home to Pennsylvania) this is a deservedly high rating. I can't really seem to come up with anything that isn't positive to say about The King. I really look forward to hitting them up next month, when hopefully the famed Mad Dogs will be in stock.

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